Full Disclaimer

We're excited that you're considering joining us at Anastasia Huff BEAUTY LAB for your apprenticeship. Clarksville is bustling with over 100 licensed tattoo spots, and it would be awesome if you picked us! But hey, if you read through this and think we're not the right fit, no hard feelings if you decide to go elsewhere.
Before you decide, we'd love for you to check out our social media. Look to see if what we do and believe in clicks with you. Remember, becoming an apprentice isn't guaranteed, but it's possible for anyone who's willing to work hard, respect their colleagues, and treat clients well.
Here's the deal for apprentices:
During twelve months, you will be responsible for booth rent, which will be $500 monthly, starting when your apprenticeship license gets the thumbs up from Tennessee’s Health Department. If you're moving out of town and have been with us for six months, we can discuss other options. You can spread this for up to 24 months, but 12 months is the minimum to be granted an independent tattoo artist license at the end of your apprenticing. You'll be your own boss, handling your supplies, clients, social media, and everything else.
What our apprenticeship program is like:
- You'll have a safe, licensed place to sharpen your skills.- Anastasia will give feedback on your client's work, but you've got to keep her in the loop with all the details.- You're expected to practice, improve, and take feedback positively. No working on clients after hours or without Anastasia until she gives you the green light.- Aim to do at least 120 permanent makeup services within a year. That's about two a week, which is pretty doable.- Keep working on any mistakes and practice at home. We're all about getting better and better.- You'll handle your own client relationships. They're your clients, and you'll need to make sure they understand and agree to everything.- If you're into social media marketing, that's on you. We'll help when we can, but it's not something you're entitled to.- Money-wise, you keep what you earn. All financial handling is just between you and your clients. - Follow all HIPAA and OSHA rules, please.- Be respectful and don't bash our business reputation or clients, online or offline.- We're always learning and growing, so we might adjust these terms after discussing them with you to make sure everything's working great for everyone.
Thanks for considering us!
The Beauty Lab Team